Trackers are scripts used by a server to send information to a User’s browser, and used by this browser to send information back to the originating server. This data may be session ID, a language, etc. For example, trackers enable data to be collected on a website’s most visited pages, to make it easier to use a website by recording the visitor’s language preference, etc.

Cookies are a type of tracker which are downloaded to the User’s terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when they visit a website.

Cookies serve different purposes, such as “session” cookies which disappear when the User leaves the website, “persistant” cookies which stay on the User’s terminal until they expire (i.e. a maximum of 13 months from the installation date) or until the User deletes them.


When you visit this website, different types of tracker are used:

- ­Cookies essential to facilitate browsing the website, whose download and interpretation do not require your consent, for the purpose of:

• managing and securing your authentication on the website;

• retaining data showing that you have seen the “cookies” information banner and that you have continued to browse, thereby consenting to trackers being placed on your computer;

- ­Functional cookies, whose download and interpretation require your consent, for the purpose of:

• adapting the website to meet your terminal display preferences (language, currency, display resolution and setting website page displays depending on the terminal that you are using and its location, etc.);

• memorising certain information that you enter on the website making it easier to personalise subsequent browsing (for example, displaying your first name and surname if you have a user account and that you have identified yourself);

- ­Audience tracking cookies, whose download and interpretation do not require your consent, enable us to understand your interactions with the website (pages most often visited, applications used, etc.). They enable us to compile statistics, or perhaps test different displays with a view to improving the website’s interest and usability.

By way of exception, prior consent is not required if the following conditions are met:

• such cookies are only used to produce anonymous statistics;

• they don’t enable monitoring of the User browsing other websites;

• the IP address which makes it possible to geo-locate the User is only accurate to city level;

• data collected via these cookies cannot be combined with other processing (for example customer database);

• a mechanism to oppose use of these cookies is easily accessible and usable on all browsers and all types of terminal;

• IP addresses and raw usage data associated with an ID are not stored beyond 13 months from the User’s first to the website.

- ­Advertising cookies, whose download and interpretation require your consent, for the purpose of:

• proposing targeted and pertinent content likely to be of interest to you in the advertising spaces of the website (best offers, other destinations, etc.) based on your interests, browsing habits, preferences, etc.;

• restricting the volume of adverts appearing;

- ­Affiliation cookies, whose download and interpretation require your consent, for the purpose of identifying the third party website from which you have been directed to this website;

- ­Social network cookies, placed by third parties and whose download and interpretation require your consent, enabling you to share our website content or your opinion of it on social media (e.g. application buttons “Share” or “Like” derived from social media)


Use of certain trackers is subject to your consent. When you first visit this website, you are therefore asked if you accept the use of this type of tracker. To do this, a banner is displayed when you first visit this website. This banner informs you that continuing to navigate this website implies your consent of the use of trackers.

To configure the use of trackers, please answer the following questions:

- ­Do you accept the download and interpretation of trackers so that:

• we can analyse your interests in order to offer personalised advertisements?

• we can analyse your browsing habits and measure traffic on our website?

• you can share this website’s content with other people or let them know your opinion or what you have looked at?

Configure the download and interpretation by type of tracker

Regardless of your choice, you can delete trackers at any time from your terminal via your browser.

The majority of browsers are configured by default to accept the use of all trackers. You can modify this set-up in order to select trackers that you agree to being used, or even to refuse the use of trackers. This configuration will need to be done on all of your terminals (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

Note: if your browser is configured to refuse all or some trackers, certain functions, pages or areas of this website may not be accessible or provide optimum browsing conditions.

Every browser has different procedures for configuring or deleting trackers. These procedures are described in the help menu of your browser. Here are the tracker configuration procedures for the better known browsers:

• Internet Explorer : 
Internet Explorer cookie management;
• Safari : 
Safari cookie management;
• Chrome : 
Chrome cookie management;
• Firefox : 
Firefox cookie management.

If you prefer not to manage trackers by modifying the configuration of your browser, other methods are available to you in order to refuse trackers according to their end-use as given below:

- For audience tracking, we use “Analytics 360” audience tracking solution. Here is a link to a page enabling you to find out more about this product and offering you a mechanism to oppose audience trackers:

Analytics 360

- ­For advertising, several professional advertising platforms give you the possibility to refuse or accept cookies used by their member companies. These centralised mechanisms do not block adverts being displayed, but only prevent the download of cookies for the purpose of adapting adverts to your areas of interest. For example, you can go to the 
Your Online Choices website in order to prohibit these cookies being downloaded to your terminal. This website is provided by the internet advertising industry grouped within the EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France;

- For social media, this website has click buttons to share content on the social networks. To find out more about how these networks use trackers and so that you can configure your account, please click on the following links: