Your handy lift pass !


What is a SkiCard?

The SkiCard or “hands free card” is a magnetic chip onto which your lift pass is recorded.  It enables you to access the ski area lifts. The way it works is very simple! Put the SkiCard in one of your left hand pockets and as you go through the turnstile, it is validated until the expiry date of you lift pass.

How is the SkiCard recharged?

There are two ways in which to recharge your SkiCard:

Online: when you buy your lift passes, you will be asked for the internet number which appears on your SkiCard.  It is printed on the reverse side of the card with the following format: XXXXXXXX - XXX - XXX.  Once your purchase has been completed, your hands free pass is operational 15 minutes later.

At one of the lift pass ticket desks situated throughout the Grand Massif ski area. The cashiers can recharge your SkiCard with your required lift pass.

An eco-friendly gesture

In order to minimise the ecological impact of the resort, the old paper lift passes have been replaced with magnetic cards. The cost of the card is only 1.60€ for an unlimited usage and the possibility of recharging it with any of the different types of lift passes available.